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The salt cave is a relaxation room, with interior walls and floors built of 21 tons of Himalayan salt. The different colored, indirect lighting of the floor and the salt walls creates fascinating light and color impressions.

The interplay of optics, light, music and our specially made DAGREWA cuddly blanket creates a deep feeling of security and peace that leads to deep relaxation.

The salt cave is an ideal place to relax, feel good and relax. This area contributes to the harmonization of body, mind and soul.


One session takes 45 minutes and always starts on every full hour. Please register in advance as seats are limited. We recommend to arrive at the entrance 15 minutes before the session will start. The sessions always start on time and due to the respect for other guests, it is not possible to enter during a running session.

Treat yourself to a well-being experience without much effort. You only get one overcoat for your shoes and the rest you keep your cloths on.
Soft music, dimmed light and comfortable lounge chairs make it easy for you to relax. A play of light also helps to escape from everyday life and visually enter the resting phase. An air conditioning system ensures a pleasant room temperature of 18 ° -20 °.
You will gently be guided -in and out of deep relaxation- through the music and the harmonious play of light in natural colours. The light and the interplay of colors beneficially influences the emotional and mental state of being. After 45 minutes in the salt-enriched air you will be fortified for the rest of the day.

Important NOTE:
The visit should be considered as an adjunctive treatment and does not replace the advice of the physician or alternative practitioner or their treatment.