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Welcome to the salt cave in Gießen

Visit our unique salt cave in Gießen and experience the relaxing and regenerating effect of salt. Centrally located in Germany, between Frankfurt and Marburg, experience in the salt cave a new way to promote and preserve your health. A visit to the salt cave strengthens the immune system, prevents diseases and puts you in a comfortable state of relaxation.

Rest on comfortable loungers at comfortable temperatures without changing your clothes. Insulated light and gentle sounds invite you to relax. Enjoy the smoothing atmosphere and absorb precious minerals and trace elements with each breath. Your whole organism can easily relax from the stress of everyday life.

Visitor parking area is available directly in front of the company. Children are welcome and they are kindly asked to be accompanied by an adult. Our small and big guests are enjoying our small zoo.

Methods of relaxation

You can find relaxation in two areas. You are also welcome to find a combination of both relaxation methods.

Please contact us so that we can find you an appointment for your availability.

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