The uniqueness of the salt cave in Gießen

We combine colors, music and other elements to increase your well-being. The special feature of the salt cave in Gießen is characterized by:

DAGREWA wellness blankets

The DAGREWA wellness blankets has been specially developed by us and balance the harmony in your the body.

It also have many other positive effects on our body.

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Energy bars

The energy bars strengthen and promote the body’s own energy.

The content is our secret and has been compiled to the best of our knowledge.

Rock crystals

The rock crystal is powerful and energetic like no other gemstone. The rock crystal literally carries Mother Earth, because it too consists of natural raw materials with a particularly high silicon content. Due to its construction – a hexil spiral and its mineral composition- it is able to perfectly intensify concentrated positive energies. That is precisely why it is one of the most important precious and healing stones in the world.

Color light therapy

The color light therapy in the salt cave increases your well-being. Let’s forget the stress of everyday life and can counteract negative feelings. Relax and enjoy!


Music, in 432Hz, synchronizes the two halves of the brain, harmonizes our cells and is a noticeably relaxed and has beneficial effects on humans. Songs in 432Hz sound more balanced and softer; they touch the heart and the spinal column. Today’s modern music is in 440Hz; it only reaches the mind but not the heart.

432Hz is the frequency of nature through the cosmos. Listening to music in 432Hz helps us to get in harmony with our inner self.

For our young guests

Children do not want to sit still and do not want to whisper. For our little guests we have built two areas.

Children can play under the supervision of a companion of at least 16 years old, outside the salt cave with existing sand toys in the sandpit next to our petting zoo. We have also a small play area in our store set up. In those areas it is allowed to play, read, talk or to laugh.